Buyer Checklist

Decide What You Need

Consider how many rooms you need for the people who will be living in the house? What are their requirements?

Check with your legal advisor/conveyancer

Before you bid at auction, or make an offer at private sale, or sign any documents, ensure your legal advisor has checked all paperwork including the vendor’s statement.

Get an independent inspection or report

Before purchasing a property, it is a good idea to obtain a report from a qualified and independent building inspector. Properties can look great from the outside and often will have no major issues; however, obtaining a building inspection report provides you with a thorough understanding of any possible costs to resolve underlying issues.

Work Out Your budget

Before you start looking, work out how much you can afford to spend. Talk to several mortgage providers to determine your borrowing capacity. This is an essential first step in successful buying.

Do Your homework

Decide where you want to live. Then find out all you can about the area. Watch sales results in the papers and on the internet. Get to know the streets you like. This knowledge can help you make the right buying decision. If the property is for investment purposes, look for areas that will appeal to potential tenants.

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